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28 February 2015

Cocoa Chocolate Mousse 🍫

Hmm... Don't know where to start... Okay, so last year end (more than 2 months ago), i went on a vacation on this Italian cruise called Costa Victoria and it was the first cruise i've ever been on and it was AWESOME!! I took countless photos -that jammed my phone- and the best ones were posted on my Instagram @sharmainesiahhh including my fav food on board~ Besides the experience part, basically i was trying out ALL of their desserts, like EVERY type of dessert they had for EVERY SINGLE MEAL i was having, and that was about five meals a day. And the best part was, i came across this (to say it lightly) no-words-can-describe DELICIOUS/DEVINE chocolate mousse~ YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

  It was SO SO YUMMY i had more than one cup per day during the trip! (So fattening i know but i JUST CAN'T HELP IT) There were also vanilla and orange mousses but to me the chocolate ones tasted THE BEST~ And shortly after that, i came back and i went online to search for the recipe and found this recipe that tasted 99% like the ones i had on board!! 

  Its THE BEST MOUSSE I HAVE EVER HAD! And, we're using cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate, which really saves a lot of work. Plus, if you use good quality cocoa powder (like i'm using Van Houten), it will really be a life completing moment savouring it... I'm sharing the good stuff with you guys, so CHECK this simple and tasty dessert OUT~ ;)

[Adapted and slightly modified from cookpad.japan]

Level: Easy-Intermediate

Makes: 1 serving

• 100ml whipping cream
• 1 tbs sugar
• 1 tbs cocoa powder

1. Put the heavy cream in a bowl and add in the sugar.
2. Sift in the cocoa powder.
3. Stir the ingredients gently until slightly combined before whipping.
4. Whip to desired stiffness and ENJOY~ =)

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